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Visualizing Machine Learning Model Performance: Binary Classification

Why I Made This

At my most recent internship, I was tasked with building a set of tools that could help the team select a model for a binary classification problem. Notice I didn't say anything about this model being the most accurate because you may come across cases where that's not the best model for the task. While accuracy is a good indicator of a good model, it's also very important to take a look at the confusion matrix: the false positives, false negatives, true positives, and true negatives.

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Reading CSVs with Python: a comparison of methods


Programming with Python can be a beautiful thing. For pretty much everything you could want to do with the language, there's always going to be more than one way to make that happen. Some solutions will be easier to read, use a package, or have better performance than others. Today I'll be focusing on the performance aspect of things. Reading data from CSV files is something that you're going to come across if you're like me and use Python for machine learning and data science.

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Paid vs. Unpaid Internships

More Differences Than Pay?

For many students out there, getting an internship before they complete their undergraduate program is a high priority. And for a good reason. A recent study found that interns both paid and unpaid had a greater chance of getting a job offer than their counterparts without any experience in the workplace. However, there’s a surprising difference between the successes of paid versus unpaid internships. This study uncovered that for unpaid interns, 37% of the time that internship turned into a job offer which is just 1% more often when compared to those who applied without previous experience.

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First Weeks at Nousot

First Impressions

I've been interning at Nousot since early January and so far I've been loving every minute of it. Nousot is a smaller company in downtown Chicago that focuses on utilizing the strengths of machine learning to identify the driving factors of a company's success, making predictions, and forecasting possible future data points. They've accumulated a massive dataset that helps the algorithms make the most informed predictions.

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Fall classes are in Full Swing

Working with a team

Over the course of this past quarter, I had to opportunity to take a class that was almost solely focused on building apps with a team. Over the course of 9 weeks, myself and three others worked together to build three different apps, two of them using React.js and the last using React Native. If you're interested in checking them out, here they are:

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Junior Year is Here

Hi, I'm back.

It's been some time since I last made a blog post, more than a year in fact. I had said then that I'd try and post weekly or at least monthly but life happens and sometimes you come across other things that take priority. But that doesn't mean I completely stopped working on my website as a whole. I've been making a lot of changes and adding a lot of new things that I hope you'll enjoy. I've added a few new projects

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Moving Forward

Let's talk about the future of this blog.

There are so many things that make the summers great as a student. With freshman year over and my passion for programming stronger than ever, the extra free time over the summer has let me explore some avenues I hadn't before. After my first few CS courses this past year, I've learned to start thinking like a programmer and look for every opportunity to improve my skills.

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First Post

Here I begin my journey to document my adventures as I grow as a developer.

Welcome to my blog. I'm very excited to see how this will go as its something I've never done before. I won't go on too long introducting myself as I think I've done that pretty well on my homepage. My hope is that with this blog, not only will it help me understand and go deeper into what I'm learning, but also show others what I'm up to, and maybe even help someone whos working on something similar.

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