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Moving Forward

Let's talk: the future of this blog.

There are so many things that make summers great as a student. My freshman year is over and my passion for programming is burning stronger than ever. I have one thing I need to be sure I do; stay in shape for the coming soccer season. Any and all time beside that is mine to spend. I've had the opportunity to explore some avenues I hadn't before, and focus on areas that truely interest me. After my first few CS courses this past year, I've learned to start thinking like a programmer and look for every opportunity to improve my skills. I've been following courses on Udemy, reading articles on sites like Medium, and in my opinion the most important, created my own projects. I plan to use those skills and showcase them on this website, as well as using those skills to improve this website.

Looking forward: Improvments and Additions

As I'm writing this, this site is completely static and all front-end development. However, that is going to need to change. I'm going to need a back-end that can support this site as it evolves. There are already a lot of things I want to add and improve. The first order of business is moving from GitHub Pages to a server that I can run Nginx and NodeJS on. This change will allow me to give the blog a database to store comments and other data that users contribute to. This feature is important to me because I want a way to interact with those I'm reaching with this blog. If I'm going to improve my writing and documenting skills, I want to give readers a place to leave their feedback. Another thing that I want to add is a back-end for my chat-bot. The plan is to build an API that uses Twilio or something similar so that I can respond to users questions in real time, provided I'm near my phone and see the message.

I have a lot of exciting stuff in progress that I'm excited to share and I'm excited to see where things will go from here.

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