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Programming & Development

  • Dynamic Price | Spring 2019

    A custom Shopify app to add custom pricing of products based on dimensions.

    Built using Shopify's APIs and ScriptTags, a way to remotely add JavaScript to add functionality to an otherwise standard store.

  • Auth | Spring 2018

    Machine learning powered user authentication.

    Code repository: see the code
    Project write-up: read more

    Built using a Python backend for computer vision and frontend with Node.js.

  • Sage | Summer 2017

    A web app telling you the important things happening in your day.

    Code repository: see the code

    Built using Node.js, utilizing Express, Mongoose, EJS, and bcrypt.

  • Road Trip Cost Calculator | Summer 2017

    A simple road trip cost calculating website.

    Code repository: see the code

    Built using the Google Maps JavaScript API.

  • Lake Bluff Hub & Cycle | Winter 2016

    A simple static website I built for a local bike store owner.

    The site was designed to be easy to read and focused on what was most important to those who visit the site.

    Visit the site

Design & Entrepreneurship

  • De Fer Analytics | Fall 2019

    A SaaS startup that helps companies uncover where to focus efforts based on our data and theirs.

    Powered by state-of-the-art machine learning, the app quickly visualizes data and algorithm output to give valuable insights.

  • Pasteboard | Winter 2019

    A self contained, single file web app that stores text snippets to be easy copied to the clipboard.

    Saves snippets to the browser's local storage so there's no need to create account.

  • Photo Grid | Fall 2018

    A simple single page to show off some of my favorite albums of photos.

    Utilizes a dynamic Node.js backend that automatically adds new pictures without having to change any code.

  • Daze Productions Branding | Spring 2017

    A brand package for an up-and-coming event production company.

    With all art in black and white, the design for this project was focused on portraying a professional business that still attracted an audience in the 18-24 age group.

  • Tala Threads T-shirt Company | Fall 2016

    An experiment started by a friend and I to get our feet wet in the world of entrepreneurship.

    Project write-up: read more